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There are two types of antifreeze: the greenish-yellow ethylene glycol type, which has a sweet flavor and is toxic when ingested; and the pink or orange propylene glycol variety, which is somewhat less poisonous. If you spill either type in your garage, driveway, patio or home, clean it up promptly.


Antifreeze is extremely toxic, so rubber gloves should be worn when cleaning an antifreeze spill, using sawdust or cat litter to soak up the spillage itself, before disposing of material used to soak up the liquid in sealed plastic bags.


How to Clean Anti Freeze Off a Garage Floor. Antifreeze is a necessary chemical in cooling mechanical objects. Dropped bottles and cracked car parts make for common antifreeze spills, which are easily detectable because of its telltale...


How To Clean Anti-Freeze from Concrete. A ntifreeze, like motor/engine oil, can get on your concrete garage or driveway from drips and container spills. Aside from the stain issue, antifreeze containing ethylene glycol should be cleaned up promptly particularly if you have pets.


Clean the area vigorously with soaped up rags and then plain rinse water soaked rags/towels you are willing to throw away. Do not allow the rinse water or suds to go down the drain or in to the ground! Immediately secure the cleanup rags in a plastic bag. Call your local sanitation server and ask them where to take them for safe disposal.


The most effective way to clean up an antifreeze spill is to use kitty litter. You pour the kitty litter over the entire spill and let it set for several minutes. After it has set, use your shoe ...


This is a pretty stupid question but I don't know the answer. What is the best way to clean up a coolant spill from a cement garage floor? I spilled some antifreeze when I installed a new water pump. I'm sure I'm not the only person dumb enough to try cleaning up antifreeze with floor-dry (cat litter). Actually, I've made that mistake twice now ...


After time is up, a wet nylon bristle brush can be used to scrub the area and ensure that it is completely clean. If a driveway stain such as antifreeze, oil or gasoline is fresh, it should be cleaned up right away. This is the easiest way to remove the stain.


How to Clean Coolant Off of an Engine By ... To avoid problems resulting from its toxicity, be sure to keep all children and pets away from your work area after you spill, and clean up immediately. Once you have the area with spilled coolant separated from any children and pets, gather your materials and begin to clean up. ...


Cleaning up coolant is a task that takes a few different steps to treat all the problems that the coolant could cause. Coolant can cause bad stains on concrete. Absorb and Clean Coolant from Concrete. Step 1 Pour cat litter directly onto the coolant. Cat litter is an absorbent material that will soak up the coolant helping reduce the amount for ...