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Whether you are carrying camping equipment, gym clothes, or school supplies, eventually the backpack is going to need to be cleaned. Learn how to wash and disinfect a backpack to keep it clean and smelling fresh and so it will last as long as possible. You can use the same tips to take care of gym bags and most reusable tote bags.


Instead, try spot cleaning your bag with a damp sponge and a detergent designated for hand laundering fine washables. Blot the stains but do not rub them, then air-dry.


Almost every backpack has a label with care instructions for cleaning the bag. The care labels for backpacks usually have recommended information on washing and drying the bag, so you can clean your bag in the best way possible for the bag material and attachments, while maintaining its features of sustainability – like remaining water proof.


How to Clean a Vera Bradley. Vera Bradley bags require very basic cleaning. Harsh chemicals can damage them. It is also wise to treat your new Vera Bradley bag at the outset to stop it from getting dirty in the first place. Check for tag...


How to Clean Your Travel Backpack. Packing Tips, Suitcase & Travel Backpacks, Travel Products. ... Instead of immersing the entire bag in a bath full of soap and water, ... If you find this post about how to clean your backpack useful, please share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. ...


In their book, Haley’s Cleaning Tips, Rosemary and Graham Haley recommend placing the book in paper bag with some loose baking soda. Let the book sit in the bag for approximately 10 days before shaking the baking soda off. You can also try unscented kitty litter or cedar chips.


Consider cleaning the inside of your bag with a lint roller. Lay the bag on its side first, then pull the lining out. Roll the lint roller across the lining, turn your bag over, and do the other side. If your bag is large enough, you might be able to fit the entire roller inside it, without pulling the lining out.


If you do wash a backpack in your washing machine (or in the sink), ... 7 Things You Should Not Forget To Clean This Spring ... and good luck getting a HS girl to carry a wheelie book bag. She’d rather bend under the weight of the books! Vote Up 0 Vote Down . 3 years ago. Cheryl.