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After you have passed your CNA exam and have become certified, you will want to regularly verify your CNA licensure status. This is an important part of making sure that your CNA license stays current and in good standing. In this article, we'll look at why you should verify your license, and how to do it. Reasons to Verify Your CNA License


To check the status of your certified nursing assistant certification online, visit the licensing and certification search page for the state where you are certified. It is usually connected to the website of your state's department of health.


Check Nursing Aide Registry to Confirm Your Certification Status. The department of health in each state regulates nursing aide training programs and the nursing aide certification exam process. Once a nursing aide becomes certified, their name will be added to the registry list.


If you need the information for the licensing authority in your state, you can find it using the Nurses Aide Registry online. You should be sure to check the status of your license if you are applying for a new job or if you have had a break in employment as Certified Nursing Assistant.


How do I check the status of my nursing assistant certification? ... You should have received a notification by mail to renew your CNA certification. Most states notify you three months prior to the expiration date. Each certified nurse aide must complete and submit a renewal application. You need to show proof that you have worked for the ...


If you haven’t worked as a CNA for a while, it’s best to check the status of your license before accepting a job. Your CNA certificate is valid for two or more years, depending on your state. You can use several resources to check it out. Checking Your Certificate. You can check your certificate for the expiration date.


The license requirements in each state vary. Generally the CNA certification is valid for two years. If you have a high school diploma or GED and no criminal record, you can take CNA classes from approved CNA training center to take state CNA certification exam for the license. Certified Nursing Assistant training programs are affordable.


If you have received your initial out-of-state CNA certificate within the last two (2) years, you do not need to submit proof of work. The Verification of Current Nurse Assistant Certification (CDPH 931) (PDF) .


MISSOURI CERTIFIED NURSE ASSISTANT REGISTRY SEARCH This registry search also includes Certified Medication Technicians Level I Medication Aides, Insulin Administration certifications, and those individuals certified as Instructors or Examiners. Before beginning your search, you must first be aware of and agree to the following terms and ...


You can check the certification of an individual Nurse Aide or obtain a list of all Nurse Aides certified in Massachusetts online. To check the certification of a nurse aide, including your own, use the Massachusetts Health Professions License Verification website. You may also use this website to ...