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A pair of leather boots weather it is for style in general or for security at workplace, at surely, creates a style statement. While there are a number of shoe boutiques that sell some of the most fashionable leather boots out there, you might not be ready to just wear the boots out of the box.


Heat will loosen the fibers of the leather and make it much more flexible. It’s a fast option that can do wonders if you’re pressed for time. With the boots on, simply use a hair dryer to apply heat to a problem area. The dryer can be pointed at a specific area that pinches to loosen it up and cause the leather to conform very quickly.


How to Break in Leather Military Boots: Here's a quick Instructable on how to break in Army-style leather boots. All of the boots shown have rough leather on the outside but any of these processes can be used for smooth leather hiking or work boots.


If the boots are brand spanking new and have not been worn then you will not need to do any prep work. If you are working with boots that you have already been trying to break in they should be dry and cleaned of any dirt they have picked up before you start.


Without taking the boots or socks off, take a rubbing alcohol soaked cotton swab and saturate the outside of the boot where the pressure points are hurting your feet. Really soak the spot to get the leather wet all the way through. You ll feel instant relief as the leather expands.


If you don't have the luxury of time to break in your new boots, try on different pairs at the store. As a rule, the lighter the boot, the easier the break-in. Some lightweight boots may feel comfy on your foot right out of the box. If you're truly pinched for time, bring your boots to a cobbler.


Like most shoes, leather boots mold to your feet over time. To break in a pair of boots, gradually increase the amount of time you spend wearing them. Because water damages leather, boots suffer from attempts to mold them to your feet with hot water or by exposing them to water for a long period of time.


Break Your Boot’s “Spirit” With These Tips And Tricks For How To Break In Leather Boots. A long and tough day on the job often leaves workers with a body full of aches and pains to take home with them. Specifically, The workday seems to be longer and harder on a person’s feet than any other part of their body.


How to Break In Your New Boots Without a Single Blister. ... If you’re a naturally sweaty person or you’re wearing your favorite boots during the raging hot days of summer, sprinkle a little ...