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To apply for an E-ZPass, go to the E-ZPass Interagency Group website, and click on "Apply for E-ZPass Online" link. The link takes visitors to a list of all states that accept E-ZPass. Click on the link for your state's Department of Transportation, and fill out the application to apply. E-ZPass is currently accepted in 14 states.


To apply for an E-Z Pass in New York, visit E-ZPassNY.com, fill out the E-Z Pass application online, or print an application and submit it at a customer service location. You need your license plate...


E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system that allows you to prepay your tolls, eliminating the need to stop at the toll plaza. As your vehicle enters the toll lane, the E-ZPass tag that is mounted on your vehicle's windshield is read. As your vehicle passes through, your E-ZPass account is charged the proper amount.


To establish your personal E-ZPass ® prepaid account for passenger-type vehicles, simply complete the online application. E-ZPass ® offers a variety of individual account plans. Find the plan that best meets your needs by reviewing the Plan Descriptions.. Requirements: For cars, vans, pickup trucks, motorcycles, RV's, single rear tires


Drivers use E-Z Pass for frequent traveling and small discounts on tolls. E-Z Pass is available in many states in the northeastern United States. You can get E-Z Pass by going to a customer service center, calling their E-Z Pass hotline or completing an online application.


If you are a New Jersey driver and currently take any of the toll roads or bridges, you can save yourself time and money by having a New Jersey E-Z Pass tag. There's no need to wait in the long cash lanes on the New Jersey Turnpike, because the state of New Jersey has made it easy for its residents to apply for an ...


E-ZPass Customer Service Center - 877.736.6727 | Turnpike Customer Assistance Center - 800.331.3414 (Outside U.S., please call 717-831-7601) ©2019 The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. In Partnership with Information Logistics


Download Applications. Individual Accounts. Individual Application Package including: Application Form Plan Descriptions Important Tips About the E-ZPass Application Customer Service Center Locations E-ZPass Customer Agreement Terms and Conditions Business Accounts. The Business ...


What you need for Apply for E-ZPass MA To open an E-ZPass MA account online you will need the following information:. License plate number(s) as listed on your vehicle registration; Vehicle(s) make, model, and year; Credit card, debit card, or banking information for payments


Get an E-ZPass : If you have already obtained a transponder at a retail location, please click here to activate it. • Apply for a personal E-ZPass • Apply for a commercial E-ZPass • Find a participating retail E-ZPass location • Purchase an E-ZPass Gift Certificate