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Transform yourself into an enchanting fairy with dazzling glitter and shimmer eye makeup. If you have fairy wings to wear as apart of a costume, incorporate the colors of the wings into the design. With the variety of vibrant products available, you can get creative with the eyeshadow and eyeliner colors and glitter.


How to Do Your Makeup Like a Fairy for Halloween. Fairy costumes are a great idea for a Halloween outfit, and they can be worn by children and adults alike! Some of the most important parts of a fairy costume are the dress, the wings, and...


I have wanted to do a forest fairy makeup ever since I bought these elf ears at Toronto Comic Con in March I don't think I could ever tire of creating faerie looks - the possibilities are ...


Fairies are beautiful and glamorous; plus, there are many awesome ways to do your makeup to create a fairy look. If youŕe thinking about dressing up like a fairy for Halloween (or any other time of the year) and are interested in makeup ideas for that costume, keep reading to learn how to apply a fairy makeup look. 1.


Fairy costume makeup needs to be applied in a very specific way in order to look as authentic as possible. Find out how to apply fairy costume makeup with help from a professionally certified ...


From fairy princesses to tree fairies, nearly every little girl enthralled with the enchanting creatures could use a little magic in her life. Fairy makeup can be simple or complex, but the basic application strategies are the same, whether you're creating a dainty flower fairy or an icy fairy queen. Although you ...


Thinking of dressing up as a fairy this Halloween? Whether you want to be Tinkerbell, a dark fairy or an ethereal forest sprite, these 17 makeup tutorials will show you how to achieve a magical look.


This is a great tutorial about how to apply fairy style makeup. The green color used is called Sea Dragon and the white is NYX white pencil Milk. First apply the white pencil on the side next to your eye making swirls and designs with it and also lining the bottom and top lash lines. Now using Frost Pigment by MAC apply it all over the swirls you just created.


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How to Apply Halloween Eye Makeup. Whether looking scary or ravishing for Halloween, your look needs to include the eyes, the windows to your soul. With a few touches of makeup to the eyes, you can be a ghoul, a scary doll, a vampire, a...