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People in Brazil celebrate Christmas with traditional food, such as turkey or ham, and cakes made out of cod. For those who cannot afford the luxury of turkey, chicken, rice and beans serve as a traditional Christmas dinner. Rabanada, a dish made out of bread soaked in milk, fried and dusted with cinnamon sugar, is a popular dessert for Christmas.


How do they celebrate Christmas in Brazil? Watch more videos for more knowledge How do Brazilian People Celebrate Christmas ... https://www.youtube.com/watch...


Christmas in Brazil . Many Brazilian Christmas traditions come from Portugal as Portugal ruled Brazil for many years. Nativity Scenes, known as Presépio are very popular. They are set-up in churches and homes all through December. Christmas plays called 'Os Pastores' (The Shepherds), like the plays in Mexico, are also popular. In the Brazilian ...


Christmas in Brazil. Brazil knows how to celebrate special occasions in style and Christmas in Brazil is no different! Brazilians celebrate Christmas in some very Americanized ways, but they also bring the diverse flavor of their varied ethnic backgrounds to the holidays by following customs and traditions of Portugal, Italy, and others.


Originally Answered: How do they celebrate Christmas in Brazil? I am sure each family has their own way to celebrate Christmas but I'm going to show you how most of us celebrate Christmas. On Christmas Eve we have a traditional Christmas dinner which can be eaten by midnight or before (depends on the family).


A Franciscan friar is believed to have introduced the concept to Brazil in the 17th century and today they are beautiful displays that remind people of the religious meaning of the holiday. A popular ritual during the build-up to Christmas is to play Secret Santa – or Amigo Secreto as it is known in Brazil.


Holidays in Brazil. Christmas Day, on December 25, is one of the most festive Christian holidays in many countries around the world. It celebrates Jesus' birth. ... Commemorate the life and times of scientist Isaac Newton and celebrate science and reason. More. A'phabet Day or No "L" Day. Skip the alphabet ‘L’ in everything you do on ...


In Brazil, Christmas is one of the most important festive days, or "dia de festas".It is celebrated on 25th December. Having a multicultural population, the festivities in the country are influenced by ethnic ways. As a former Portuguese colony, they have retained some of the Christmas customs of their former masters.


Like many other parts of the world, December 25 in Brazil means a time of family, religious reflection and, quite often, an excess of food and drink. Brazil celebrates Christmas in the middle of summer so the days are hot and sunny, giving the festivities a tropical mood. Here is how Brazilians celebrate Christmas.


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