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A Styrofoam cup keeps drinks warm because the Styrofoam offers excellent insulation, which keeps the liquid warm inside. While a Styrofoam cup can keep drinks warm, a thermos container captures heat to keep drinks hotter for longer.


The correct insulating materials will keep liquid hot for long periods. Whether it’s for the water boiler at home or a flask of coffee, a good insulator either reflects heat back to its source or blacks it from escaping. Poor insulators, also known as conductors, lose heat quickly.


Convection involves a series of currents that emerge when a gas or liquid flows from a warmer place to a cooler one, or vice versa. Styrofoam is a poor conductor, and the air pockets trapped inside the material keep heat energy from leaving. This is why Styrofoam products are popular for holding hot things like cups of coffee.


Styrofoam cups will keep a hot drink warmer for a long time. ... They are used to keep hot liquids warm because they are an insulator they're thick and will keep the heat in the liquid longer than ...


Why do Styrofoam cups keep liquid warmer then plastic cups? Styrofoam is more insulative, meaning heat travels slower trough the styrofoam than the plastic. Therefore, heat is lost slower, and ...


Will Liquid Retain Its Temperature Better in Glass, Foam or Plastic? ... for example, the heat energy will travel from the drink to the cooler air, resulting with the liquid cooling. Conversely, if the drink is cooler than the room, the heat energy from the warmer air will travel into the drink, warming it. ... have higher insulative values ...


To find out which cup keeps coffee hot the longest, This vs That conducted an extensive investigation where it tested 12 different types of cups to reveal the one cup that does — in fact — keep coffee hotter… longer. So, without further delay, we present… “The Rumble By The Pool: The Search For The Planet’s Best Coffee Cup.”


A Styrofoam cooler does a good job of keeping things cold because the material is a poor conductor of heat. A closed container of Styrofoam creates a “cold zone” into which heat from the outside enters at a very slow rate.


Coffee Cup Experiment What kind of coffee container will keep coffee hot most effectively? Abstract: This experiment investigated the insulation properties of three different coffee containers. This kind of problem would be of special interest to coffee shop owners, who would like to figure out which cup insulates the best with the lowest cost.


What are some good ways of keeping drinks hot? Have you heard of the word ‘insulation’? What happens if you want to keep a drink cool rather than hot? Which is more likely to keep a drink hot for longer: a tall thin cup or a wide shallow cup? Do some liquids cool faster than others?