Penguins primarily communicate vocally, but they also communicate through body language and posturing. Penguins all look virtually identical, which makes individual recognition very difficult. To overcome this, penguins ... More »

Penguins move by shuffling their feet from side to side when on land and by using their flippers, tails and a bubble mechanism to swim in the water. The speed of the penguin in both walking and swimming will depend on th... More »

Penguins cannot fly. They are expert swimmers, and use their forelimbs as flippers rather than for powered flight as in most other kinds of birds. There is a similar-looking group of birds known as the auks that are capa... More » Pets & Animals Birds Penguins

Penguins sleep on both land and as they float at sea. It is not unusual for penguins to sleep standing up, although they also sleep laying down. More »

Penguins reproduce as most birds do, with internal fertilization that is accomplished by putting each penguin's cloacas together. The male sprays sperm into the female's cloaca where it can then travel inside and fertili... More »

Penguins cannot fly because their stubby wings cannot support their bodies in flight. Scientists believe that penguins stopped flying when they became great swimmers, and their wings cannot be efficient at both things be... More »

Penguins waddle because it is the most efficient way for them to move around on dry land. With short legs and big feet, waddling allows penguins to propel themselves forward using the momentum of the side-to-side movemen... More »