The Lion Lamb explains that lions mate by growling, pawing and biting first. Once the female is in the mood to mate, she lies down and waits for the male to mount her. After copulation, which takes six to 10 seconds, the... More »

Lions reproduce when a lioness in heat mates with a male from within her pride, conceives and goes off on her own to give birth. She cares for and protects the cubs on her own, and when they are 6 to 8 weeks old, she rej... More »

A lion's rough tongue is used for several purposes, including cleaning loose meat and gristle off of bones and also for grooming stubborn dirt and other muck out of theirs and their pride mates' fur. Lions are communal p... More »

During the mating season, lions can mate anywhere from 20 to 40 times in a day for several days straight. Male lions will check whether the lionesses are in heat by sniffing their reproductive organs. More »

African lions live on savanna grasslands, while Asiatic lions, which are reduced to a single population in Gujarat, India, live in a mixture of dry savanna forest and very dry deciduous scrub forest. It is believed lions... More »

Many big cats such as lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars cannot purr because of a strip of cartilage that runs from the hyoid bones to the skull. The only big cat that purrs but cannot roar is the cheetah, which biologi... More »

Leopards are primarily hunted by humans but also suffer from predation, especially as young animals, by lions, tiger, hyenas and African wild dogs. Humans kill leopards for trophies and as pests, since hungry leopards so... More »