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Here’s a quick and easy guide to washing out the tie-dye you made at Your Creation Station. We use professional grade, cold-water, fiber reactive dyes in our studio so the colors will remain color fast and bright for many, many washings. The first…Read more ›


How to Wash Tie Dyed Fabric. After you've successfully tie dyed any fabric or clothing, your creation needs to be rinsed and washed. Rinsing removes loose dye, and washing ensures that the colors are properly set and do not run or bleed....


Washing a tie-dye shirt for the first time requires some effort, as the shirt will need to be washed by hand to prevent it from staining the inside of your washing machine and dryer. With proper care, a tie-dye shirt can last for many years. The initial washing is the most important, as it sets the dyes.


It is okay to wash your newly dyed shirt as you would your normal clothes. However, make certain that you wash it completely separate from any other clothing to avoid dying other items accidentally, and only after you've rinsed the excess dye from the fabric.


Wash in a washing machine. Cleaning the tie-dye shirt in a washing machine removes all the unabsorbed dye. Do not add it to a normal load of laundry, as it is still leaking dye and may stain the other clothes. Use soap as normal and finish by drying with the regular laundry.


How to Wash a Tie-Dye Shirt for the First Time | eHow. Visit. How to Wash a Tie-Dye Shirt for the First Time | eHow.com. Tie dyeing shirts is a fun project for kids and the whole family, but you can easily wash out the dye in the washing machine unless you take special precautions. ... Free tutorial with pictures on how to dye a tie dye t-shirt ...


How do I wash a newly tie dyed shirt? My friends and I had a tie dye party and dyed several shirts, bags, and socks. We used a kit with the different colored dyes in bottles. We let them sit for 5-6 hours like the instructions specified and then we undid the rubber bands. The colors are so vibrant, but we need to wash them. I am...


Washing your tie dye projects and tie dye shirts properly is imperative to keeping colors bright and projects perfect. If you do not care for tie dye properly, the shirts can fade much more quickly than you would like. Even the smartest, prettiest, and most stunning tie dye techniques and tie dye ...


Rinse your tie-dye garment in cool water until the water runs clear if you’ve dyed the piece yourself. Do this immediately after removing the garment from the dye bath. Wash your newly tie-dyed garment alone in the washer with laundry detergent and warm water. Run it through a cool rinse cycle, then machine or air-dry the garment.


To tie dye a shirt, twist it up tightly and secure the fabric with rubber bands. You can create different patterns depending on how you twist the shirt. Soak the shirt in lukewarm water, adding soda ash to the water if you want to help the dye bond better. Mix your dye and add it to a spray or squeeze bottle, then apply it to your shirt.