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Coach wallets are high-end wallets that combine designer style and high-quality materials. Whether you are buying a wallet to match your favorite Coach purse or simply want a specific Coach wallet on its own, you need to ensure that the wallet you are buying is authentic, as there are so many replicas out there.


One of the common ways to spot a fake Coach wallet is to check for any glue. While some seams are glued together, Coach would never allow any glue to show on its luxury products. An authentic Coach wallet has perfect seams and stitching. If a logo is present, the stitching splits the logo evenly on an authentic wallet.


View the seams in the middle. The "Cs" on the real one (left side), align through both sides of the seam. The "Cs" on fake one (right side), do not align. Another way you can tell is by the pattern itself. Make sure the pattern has the famous Coach signature "C" and not any other letter, such as an "O", a "G" or even a "Q".


How do you tell if a Coach wallet is real? Well this is a tough one. I worked at Coach for 5 years and I can spot the fake wallets.. but really look at certain things. Look at the seams and the ...


To spot a fake Coach bag, look for common indicators like low-quality or synthetic leather and poor or uneven stitching. Next, make sure the Cs in the CC pattern are all horizontal, facing each other, and touching. If the pattern has any variation, the purse is fake.


How to Spot an Authentic Coach Handbag How can you tell if the Coach handbag that you are about to buy online is fake? Follow these 8 simple steps to verify the authenticity of your purchase.


How to Buy Authentic Coach on Ebay: 5 Basic Ways to Tell if a Coach Purse is Real or Fake ... to be honest I’m not sure what this material is just like a coach wallet but back of the soft leather is not striped and the soft leather seems very thin and there is nothing marked coach on the inside! ... Hi can you please tell me if Coach F36366 ...


All authentic Coach bags are registered with the company in their database and the rep will be able to verify the bag’s authenticity. You can also visit a Coach retail location. The manager or sales associate will be able to do a database search to let you know if your bag's for real.


Is My Coach Purse Real? The best way to determine if a Coach bag is authentic is to consider where it was purchased. Coach products are only available at Coach stores, Coach outlet stores, authorized department stores, official Coach websites and authorized third-party websites.