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Dolphins have sharper hearing senses than humans do; they can hear a broader range of frequencies. Humans hear sounds from 20 Hz to 20 KHz while dolphins hear from 20Hz to 150 KHz. This means dolphins can hear seven times better than humans do.


How Do Dolphins Hear? Dolphins hear when the sounds in the water bounce off the dolphin's jaw bone into the middle ear. Dolphins can hear far better than humans and their hearing is even better than that of dogs. The process of hearing in this way is called echolocation. Dolphins send sound waves through the water using their foreheads.


Dolphins do not have external ears, but they can hear through a sophisticated hearing sense located in two small openings on both sides of the head. However, scientists believe that dolphins hear underwater through the lower jaw bone which conducts sounds to the middle ear. Dolphins can listen to a broader range of frequencies than humans.


Dolphins "hear" using echolocation, which uses high pitched frequencies sent out by the dolphin. They hit an object and bounce back telling the dolphin what's there.


Bottlenose dolphins hear tones with a frequency up to 160 kHz with the greatest sensitivity ranging from 40 to 100 kHz. The average hearing range for humans is about 0.02 to 20 kHz. In other studies, the hearing range for the bottlenose dolphin has been measured in 75 to 150,000 Hz (0.075 to 150 kHz).


How do whales and dolphins hear? Whales and dolphins do have ears but they don’t have external sticky out ears like ours to funnel sound as they need to be streamlined for life in the water. Their ear canals are not open to the outside. Instead, they generally hear sounds through special structures in their jawbones.


How do dolphins communicate? Dolphins can hear and communicate in a far larger range than humans can. Dolphin hearing ranges from about 75 hertz to over 150 kilohertz but most humans can only hear a much smaller spectrum of sound, from about 20 Hertz to 20 kilohertz. A dolphin can use both clicks and whistles to communicate in the same breath.


So what about dogs? Well, dogs are able to hear frequencies more than twice as high as humans - up around an impressive 45 kHz. But dolphins can do even better than that! For the species whose hearing has been researched the most, the bottlenose dolphin, we know that they can hear frequencies as high as 150kHz.


By: Adelina Gomes. Dolphins have ears. The ears are just a little slits.They are at the bottom of their head. How Dose Dolphins Hear What Is The Dolphins Hearing Range Do Dolphins Have Ears Dolphins hear from small openings on both sides of the ear. Dolphins compare to humans