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Why do clouds float when they have tons of water in them? ... even though typical clouds do contain a lot of water, this water is spread out for miles in the form of tiny water droplets or ...


Clouds float because the water droplets that comprise them are so incredibly tiny that they do not fall very fast. As clouds frequently occur in places that are experiencing updrafts, the force of the air pushing them up offsets the weight of the water droplets.


Bob Science Clouds float Introduction. An important part of Earth’s weather, clouds constantly appear high in the skies in an infinite variety of forms and shapes. To be better understood, they’ve been given names and classified under specific types based on how high or low they are formed in the sky and their general shape.


Clouds form when warm wet air rises and condenses in cold air. This explains why clouds exist, but now how do clouds stay in the air? Once the cloud forms in the cold air, why doesn't the cloud cool down and sink back to the ground? There are several reasons clouds float: first, the droplets in a cloud are small. Very small.


Clouds must have weight, because water has weight. A cloud is many, many tiny “clumps” of water, either liquid or frozen. The liquid droplets are about 0.002 millimetres across (smaller than ...


Clouds are made up of tiny water particles that are lighter than air, making them float up in the sky. When clouds get big enough (become a storm cloud), the weight of all those water particles ...


How Do Clouds Float? One usually looks at a typically small cumulus growing over the western hills; guess its volume to be about a cubic kilo meter. It weighs in at about one billion kilograms. Actually, saying a cloud is floating on air is a bit ...


Have you ever wondered how much a cloud weighs? Even though a cloud seems to float in air, both the air and the cloud have mass and weight. Clouds float in the sky because they are less dense than air, yet it turns out they weigh a lot.


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