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How Do Camels Reproduce? Camels reproduce by copulating during breeding season after the males compete for dominance. After a gestation period of 12 to 14 months, the female gives birth to a calf that weighs up to 80 pounds and that can stand and walk a short time after being born.

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camel found in Central Asia reaching up to Mongolia and Western part of China. Camels have 70 chromosomes. Camels do not have sweat glands and can tolerate heat up to 49 oC to 50oC during the day time and 30oC during night time. Keywords: Camel, Desert, Transport, Ecosystem, Mating, Rutting, Reproduction, Pregnancy.


How do camels reproduce? ... a camels foot it called a camels foot not a hooves prehistoric camels may have had hooves but present day camels do not so a camels foot is called a camels foot Read ...


How often do camels reproduce? A female camel of at least four years old can produce one calf a year. How do camels reproduce? They reproduce by mating sexually as do all other mammals.


The Bactrian camel's breeding season takes place in March and April. Camels are induced ovulators, which means they only ovulate when stimulated by mating. If a female does not have the opportunity to mate, her ovarian follicles will degenerate. Their estrous cycle is about 13-40 days, and receptivity usually last between three and four days.


Camels are ruminants but camels do not chew their food very well before swallowing. The first stomach stores the food that is not completely chewed. Later, this food (or cud) returns to the camel's mouth, and the camel chews it again. Then the camel swallows the cud and it goes to the other parts of the stomach to be completely digested.


Reproduction is often the key to improved livestock performance. Reproduction in the camel is not as well understood as in more common species of domestic animals. This publication is, therefore, likely to be of considerable interest and value to scientists, to camel owners and those who seek to support them through extension and other services.


Two camels mating in the camel area outside Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.


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I used to do volunteer work at the Pittsburgh Zoo when I was in high school. I spent ALL of my free waking hours there, of course I had my fave animals. One of those were the camels. I learned a lot whilst working at the zoo. One thing I learned is that male camels do not only blow up their dulaa when sexually excited.