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Animals who practice sexual reproduction can be differentiated according to whether they are viviparous animals or oviparous animals; this depends on the way they carry the embryo.There are some who do this internally, i.e. the foetus develops within the stomach of the mother (as with people) and others for which egg development is external.


Some animals produce offspring through asexual reproduction while other animals produce offspring through sexual reproduction. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. Asexual reproduction produces offspring that are genetically identical to the parent because the offspring are all clones of the original parent.


How Do Animals Reproduce? How Do Animals Reproduce? The State University of New York states that animals reproduce by several sexual and asexual methods, with sexual reproduction, defined as the production of gametes with half of each parent's DNA and their union into diploid organisms, predominating.


Reproduction. To reproduce, animals need a male and female. Together they can create offspring, or babies. Some animals, such as chickens, fish and snakes, lay eggs which contain their offspring.


Most complex animals do not reproduce asexually. Single celled animals reproduce asexually by primary division (splitting into two equal sized daughter cells) or by budding (producing a second ...


Animals and plants need to reproduce to keep their numbers steady or growing so that the species does not become extinct… Evolution has occurred because living organisms reproduce.. those who are less suited to a changing environment may not survive to cope with the changes. some may be more suited so are more likely to reproduce organisms with the factor that is more suited.. eg long beak ...


Reproduction in Plants and Animals https: ... Animals reproduce in different ways. A lion or a human gives live birth. Birds and frogs lay eggs from which babies hatch. Plants: A plants life cycle starts with a seed. When it receives the right amount of sunlight, water, and air, it will begin to grow. The Seed sprouts, then grows into roots, a ...


How do animals grow and reproduce? All animals have life cycles that include growing and reproducing. Animals can be classified by how they reproduce. Try to compare the different ways they have their young.


In the spring, coniferous plants begin gearing up for reproduction. The trees shift out of a slower winter metabolism into a high production metabolism. The trees absorb nutrients and spread roots as deep and as far as possible, so the plant is at its strongest once reproduction begins.