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The phonograph changed society in much the same way that the first musical notation or the invention of the metronome changed the way musical tempo was measured and written; it provided a mechanical means of spreading music to the world, according to the New York Times.


How the Phonograph Changed Music Forever Much like streaming music services today are reshaping our relationship with music, Edison’s invention redefined the entire industry


The impact on society. ... The telegraph changed society indirectly, by transforming the workings of government and industry. But the telephone and radio had direct impacts on people's working and social lives. ... how-did-the-phonograph-impact-the-world-5693730 4.3 / 5 based on 3 votes. Similar Asks.


How did the phonograph impact society? Answer. Wiki User February 27, 2012 6:28PM. It changed the way people look and think about music. Before then music had to live or right in front of you. If ...


What Was The Immediate Impact That The Phonograph Did In Changing Life During The Industrial Revolution? What Did The Phonograph Do? What Are The Different Sectors Of Our Society? What Makes A Society? In What Ways Did The Industrial Revolution Change The Lives Of Women? What Impact Did The Industrial Revolution Have On Birmingham?


So inventors came up with machines that, when attached to a phonograph, would rotate images in time to the music. One British listener created elaborate sets, characters, and costumes to look at while listening to his favorite operas, and he would change them all for every new scene. (And I thought I was a music geek.)


In 1929, the Gramophone finally pushed the Phonograph out of the market. People realized that the Gramophone was a lot more clear and reliable than the Phonograph and it was more "High-End" than the Phonograph. The Gramophone did, however, use the same technology as the Phonograph, and recorded sound in a similar way.


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Until the invention of the phonograph, Edison had been a businesslike inventor, producing improvements on the telegraph designed for the business market. He was respected in the business world and scientific community, but he was not widely known to the general public.


The development of turntables and record players has changed throughout history. New innovations and designs allow improvements that carry forward and improve the sound quality. While modern designs look vastly different from the original photograph, you can see a reflection of the initial invention when you evaluate the history and development of the phonograph.