While the specific origin of the Indian Ocean's name is not commonly known, it is generally believed to have been named due to its proximity to India. During the 15th century, when sailing ships were used to transport go... More »

The name "Mohawk," which means “eater of living things” or “man eater,” was given to the tribe by English and Dutch settlers, who used the term to describe many of the tribes in New England and New York. The Mohawk refer... More »

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The moniker "Red Indians" comes from the fact that this particular tribe of Native Americans used red ochre paint on their bodies and faces. Thinking he had landed in India, Christopher Columbus referred to the painted m... More »

The Indian Ocean is the only ocean that surrounds India. The Arabian Sea borders the west coast of India, and the Bay of Bengal borders the east coast. More »

The warmest ocean in the world is the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean, which borders Africa, Asia and Australia on three sides, is located entirely in tropical zones, although it is subject to receiving colder waters from... More »

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The warmest ocean in the world is the Indian Ocean. Parts of the Indian Ocean exceed temperatures of 82 degrees Fahrenheit. More »

The Indian Ocean trade network was a system of maritime trade routes that connected China, India, Thailand, the Indonesian and Malaysian islands, East Africa and Arabia. It dates back at least to the third century B.C. a... More »