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The Great Depression affected Alabama by devastating farming businesses and the manufacturing industries in larger cities such as Birmingham. The beginning of the Great Depression as far as Alabama is concerned had no official start date.


Alabama's economy began to recover only after the advent of the World War II defense buildup, though the effects of the Great Depression, the New Deal, and the war caused major changes and dislocations. Agriculture shifted from small farms and tenancy to fewer and larger farms, wage laborers, and mechanization.


Some national observers contended that Birmingham was the major American city most affected by the Great Depression. During early stages of the national Depression (1929-1933), both private charity and state relief were overwhelmed by the magnitude of suffering in Alabama. Families were disrupted.


Although the Great Crash of the stock market in November 1929 was the accepted chronological starting point of the Great Depression, the economy of the United States had begun its downward slide earlier. In Alabama, agriculture had been "depressed" for the entire decade, directly effecting 78% of the population that lived in rural areas in 1920.


The Great Depression. Use primary sources to explore how the Great Depression affected Alabama. Resources. Map of FERA Projects and Activities in Alabama, 1934-1935. Illustrations on the map denote Federal Emergency Relief Administration projects. ALCOS Social Studies Content Standard Grade(s): 4, 6, 9, 11.


Alabama voted to elect Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932 and to re-elect him in 1936, 1940, and 1944. His New Deal program, which the first instance of the federal government intervening so heavily to affect the economy, helped to put many Alabamans back to work using government money. The Great Depression Timeline:


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The Great Depression made a major impact upon the American consciousness. The slide presentation will look at the Great Depression and how it affected Alabama and Alabamians. Many photographs made in Alabama in this era have become national icons of hardship and the federal government’s attempt to improve American lives.


Alabama is not a Plains state. It was not a part of the Dust Bowl. But the South saw similar agricultural problems, and a crisis that some say was on a similar level to the Dust Bowl in the west.

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How did the Great Depression affect other Alabama industries? Of 3,000 mines and mills operating in the state, only half of them were still in operation. Employment in iron and steel industries fell by 28%. The textile industry lost around 4,000 jobs. emily.