Speech comes naturally to most people, and spoken language was probably the first formal communications system evolved by humans. For most of human history, the spoken word was the primary method of communication among h... More »

Fossils communicate what organisms were alive during which period of time, as well as their shape and size. Fossils are well-preserved remains of animals and organisms where the bone has been transformed into a rock-like... More »

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In the 1700s, people primarily communicated by writing letters; however, sending letters was a slow and unreliable process. Senders had few ways of knowing if their messages were ever received unless they received a lett... More »

The Mayan civilization made major accomplishments in astronomy, agriculture, engineering and communications including building elaborate cities without modern machinery and developing one of the world's first written lan... More »

The Aztec religion believed in the balance between the gods, nature and humans. The people focused their worship on the god of war and sacrifice, Huitzilopochtl. There was a strong belief in the possibility of the world ... More »

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Differences between the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas include their location and language system. The Aztecs lived in what is now central Mexico, while the Mayas lived in southern Mexico and the Inca civilization was focused ... More »

The climate in the areas where the Iroqois Indians lived falls within the humid continental climate classification system. Iroquois Indian lands and influence extended north into Canada and south to today's Tennessee bor... More »