The name "Maine" comes from the fact that the state is on mainland, as opposed to part of the many surrounding islands. This nautical theory for the origin of Maine's name is the most prevalent, although there have been ... More »

To get an E-ZPass for the Maine Turnpike apply online via the E-ZPass Maine Turnpike website ( An applicant can apply for a personal account online or download an application. To apply for a busi... More » Geography provides step-by-step driving directions to Darling's Ford dealership in Bangor Maine. From the home page, users scroll down to Welcome and click on Dealership: Directions. Alternatively, users can... More »

Maine became a state on March 15, 1820, under the Missouri Compromise, which allowed Maine to enter the nation as a free state and Missouri as a slave state. Before that, Maine was a district of Massachusetts. More »

Eastport is a small American city consisting entirely of islands in Washington County, Maine. Eastport is notable for being the easternmost city in the United States, located in the Atlantic Ocean on Maine's eastern bord... More » Geography United States The Northeast

The result of the Missouri Compromise of 1820 was that Missouri was admitted into the union as a slave state, and Maine was admitted as a free state. In addition, a border was created across the Louisiana Territory, and ... More »

Until Jan. 1, 2016, estates valued at over $2 million are subject to estate or inheritance tax in the state of Maine, states Nolo. The tax is levied directly on the estate, which includes the property of Maine residents ... More » Business & Finance Taxes