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Yahoo does not provide a way to recall messages, once sent though Yahoo Mail. Other providers, like Outlook or Gmail should instead be considered if email recall is a necessity. Always exercise email etiquette when choosing Yahoo as your provider. Never send important messages right away.


How Can You Recall a Sent Email in Yahoo? Yahoo! Help explains that, unfortunately, there is no way to recall an email that has already been sent using Yahoo Mail. Microsoft's Outlook email program does allow for the retrieval of sent email, however.


If it's one of those, then you would got to your sent folder, open the email in question, then under tools you would see an option for "Recall sent message" and that would recall the email only from computers in that closed system, and only emails that hadn't been read yet and only if that computer is on.(I'm going by memory on that exact ...


Unfortunately with Yahoo Email system and Hotmail it is not currently possible to recall or undo a sent email. However with gmail it is possible and you can recall by following the steps below. You can alos read my yahoo vs gmail comparison post to know which one is more popular in terms of features.


If you click the unsend button, you will recall an email that was just about to be sent. It’ll then show up in a separate composer window or your in email list – depending on how you composed it. It’ll also go to your Drafts folder where you can access it if you want.


You can't. And any service that does offer it is limited. You can't undo something like that if it's already been downloaded to their device, or has already been read ...


you can Recall sent mails in outlook only if: You are using an Exchange account: If you want to check whether you’re using an Exchange account, in Outlook navigate toFile, select Account Settings and then click the Account Settings button. On the ...


Just click that and you’ll stop the email from sending! Phew!” said Josh Jacobson, director of product management at Yahoo Mail, in a blog post announcing the new update. Google's Gmail has had this feature for quite some time now and you can even extend the undo period on desktop with a Google Labs ad-on.


If you're an outlook user who sent an angry email and really wish you hadn't, then you're in luck. There are ways to recall that email, but you'll have to act fast. Here's how to recall an email ...