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You'll find out which way works best for you when you get used to it. The moral of the story here is that, while you can practice kissing on your hand or an inanimate object, there's no real substitute for practicing with another human being. (It's a lot more fun, that's for sure!) Here are a few easy ways to practice your kissing technique.


How Can You Practice Kissing by Yourself? ... Although using hands is the most common way to practice, there are other places on the body that can be used. Some people practice with their wrist, while others use the webs between their fingers and the back of their hands.


Be that as it may, don’t freeze, you can ace the craft of kissing with practice. A few people kiss gradually while others like to do it passionately. Find the way which way works best for you to kiss somebody. There are numerous approaches to work on kissing like you can try using your hand or a non-living item.


The art of kissing requires much practice to achieve perfection, but when you lack people to practice with, you can resort to practicing alone. Here are some simple steps to help you with this.


If you decide to learn to French kiss with another person, you should be direct and let them know that you want to kiss them for practice, not necessarily because you have feelings for them. You can practice french kissing with your hand, a piece of fruit, or even your imagination.


i want another way than putting your thumb in your hand


Learn how to kiss because everyone can use some kissing. practice. Touch My Body Challenge: ... Mix - How to Practice Kissing YouTube; 5 Kissing Secrets Guys Won’t Tell You - Duration: 6:09.


How to Practice for Your First Kiss. With just a little preparation, you’ll be kissing like an old pro your first time out. ... Step 4: Press your lips against your practice lips very gently at first; this will condition you not to bang a partner’s teeth when you’re kissing in real life.


Well, you can watch videos in youtube if you really want or read articles on how to be the best kisser every guy or girl could fall for. When you are in the moment where you’re going to get kissed by someone, and not a monkey-kissing-prank; is to be yourself, be in the moment, and be attentive with your partner’s style and pace.


follow this easy tutorial to make out with yourself for practice when your a loner. Works with right or left hand. ... How to make out with Yourself (For real) Elevator829. ... You Can Do Today So ...