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To get the hiccups, drink something fizzy like sparkling water or soda. You can also get hiccups if you eat dried foods such as bread or crackers without drinking water. Alternatively, try eating some spicy food, which can irritate the nerves in your stomach and throat so you get the hiccups.


How Can You Make Yourself Get the Hiccups? Though not assured to happen, hiccups can occur if one eats or drinks too quickly. They often occur with sudden temperature changes and intense emotions. While hiccups have been observed to happen in concurrence with these events, it is not known why the diaphragm involuntarily contracts in these ...


How can you make yourself get hiccups? Why do we hiccup? What is it supposed to accomplish? What animals can get the hiccups? Tracee Okrainec, Jump right in. Don't let fear or common sense stop you :) Answered Mar 7, 2019 · Author has 1k answers and 327k answer views.


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there is no way to get hiccups ppl it just occurs . i know this because once i was sitting down and i randomly started hiccuping so youCAN'T MAKE YOURSELF HICCUP IT JUST HAPPENS SO STOP ANSEWERING YOUR WASTING YOUR TIME!!!!!SHOOOOOO!!!!!


Can you make yourself hiccup on command? ... You can't. People often get the hiccups from eating or drinking too fast. share with friends. Share to: Answered. In Hiccups.


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Make yourself burp, if you can. If you can make yourself bump on command, then this talent may be the answer to your problems. Burping can relieve hiccups, so force yourself to burp a few times. Although gulping air or drinking fizzy drinks can cause burping, it’s usually not a good idea to try these techniques, as they can trigger hiccups.