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A healthy lifestyle, regular ob-gyn visits and regular monitoring for signs of trouble all promote female reproductive health, according to Everyday Health. Issues surrounding a healthy female reproductive system include fertility, menstruation and sexual health.


Proper hygiene, frequent screenings for STDs and regular physician visits are essential in keeping the male reproduction system healthy, according to health and fitness experts at USAfitness.com. Leading a healthy lifestyle and practicing safe sex are also important factors in keeping the male repro


The female reproductive system includes the cervix, ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes and vagina, explains MedlinePlus of the National Institutes of Health. This system produces the egg that is necessary for reproduction and transports it for possible fertilization. If fertilization occurs, the repro


A female frog's reproduction system includes ovaries, oviducts and two uteruses. The ovaries produce eggs, the oviducts connect the frog's uteruses to her ovaries and the uteruses store the eggs until they are released during mating. A female frog does not raise her young inside herself during a ges


The male reproductive system works by creating, storing and transporting sperm, the male gametic cell, explains WebMD. Its anatomy is specifically attuned for these various functions, explaining the need for the testicles, the site of sperm production, and the penis, whose shape is crucial to insemi


According to WebMD, fertilization takes place in the woman's fallopian tube. About two weeks after a woman's period, an egg is released. It stays in the fallopian tube for approximately 24 hours, waiting for fertilization by a single sperm.


The pistil of a flower contains the female reproductive system. The pistil is located in the middle of the flower, and it contains the stigma, ovary and style.


Many health websites such as WebMD.com, MerckManuals.com and MedicineNet.com contain free diagrams of the female reproductive system. Some websites, such as InnerBody.com, also have interactive diagrams of the female reproductive tract.


Ovaries, oviduct, uterus, cervix, and vagina are the parts that comprise a female reproductive system, according to Cleveland Clinic. External structures include labia majora, labia minora, clitoris and Bartholin’s glands.


In a large number of species, the reproductive system hosts organs and systems, such as gonads, needed for successful reproduction and also secretes sex hormones such as progesterone and testosterone, notes Wikipedia. In addition, the female of many species come with specialized structures for nouri