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Your criminal record can make it more difficult to get a job or rent an apartment. Employers and landlords may inquire about your criminal history. But, if you expunge your criminal records, you can honestly say that your record is clean. The process of having your criminal records expunged is different in every state.


Simply put, record expungement is a way to make your criminal history or arrest record disappear (or, at least, a certain offense). Having a record expunged means your record is no longer accessible to the public and you legally can answer “no" if asked whether you've been charged with or convicted of a crime. Expunged Records vs. Sealed Records


However, you can do something about it. If you meet certain requirements, you can get your criminal record erased through a process called expungement. ExpungeMaryland.org is a free online tool which helps determine, through a few simple questions, if your record can be expunged.


Once you have your records expunged, you generally do not have to disclose your past crimes, and they may not show up on background checks or other records searches, according to CriminalDefenseLawyer. However, people who search for your name online may still find information about the arrest or trial.


Arrest and court records can be expunged if you are not guilty or if your case was dismissed. Some traffic infractions may also be expunged. NC North Carolina Record Expungement: Most arrest records and court records can be expunged if found not guilty, or case is dismissed.


Clearing your record online can be simple. Attorneys are Expensive Let us clear your record today without the hassle. The law can be complicated. We make it easy. Get Started Clearing your record online can be simple. Attorneys are Expensive Misdemeanor Expungement You may have been denied employment due to a misdemeanor on […]


How to Expunge an Arrest. A criminal record can cause you difficulty, whether you're trying to get a new job or rent a new apartment. This can be even more frustrating if the only blemish on your record is an arrest that didn't lead to...


Finding an expungement attorney that you can trust. We have created a list of the most highly recommended attorneys who specialize in record clearing, expungement, and sealing. The expungement lawyers are separated by which state they work in and they are all top rated attorneys with excellent results at removing criminal records.


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This basically means certain criminal history records can be restricted for non-criminal justice purposes (such as applying for jobs or getting licenses). That way you can get a clean start! In order to expunge your criminal records (also known as the "Record Restrictions" process), the prosecuting attorney must approve your request.