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I've always been pleased with the service and the hospitality of the hosts and can usually find an amazing deal that is far cheaper than the costs of a hotel. Plus, most companies offer properties internationally, so no matter where you're moving, you can usually find short term accommodation for rent.


The Short Term Lease Apartment at Sublet.com to provides a dynamic marketplace of apartments for rent and roommates so that anyone seeking Short Term Lease Apartment can find an apartment for rent or roommate with relative ease.


Short Term Apartments for Rent. Whether you’re on an extended business trip, taking a long vacation or your company has relocated you temporarily, finding a short term apartment should be the least of your worries.With easy-to-use search features, ApartmentGuide.com is your handy apartment finder tool to get you situated in your new, temporary location.


You will need to find apartments that will rent for a lease term of less than one year. Apartments that rent for lease terms less than one year will do so at a higher cost than a longer lease term ...


If you’ve just moved to a new state or city and would like to take the time to locate the perfect neighborhood to settle down in, finding an apartment with a short-term lease first would give you the chance to really get to know the city while living in it. Cons of a Short-Term Apartment Lease


Options for Short Term Rental Apartments Short term rentals--sometimes available unfurnished, far more often in some sort of furnished state--can be ideal for a temporary housing solution, especially if you're not interested in living in (and paying the high rates for) a hotel room for weeks and months at a time.


CorporateHousing.com offers a variety of temporary housing options: professionally serviced apartments, extended-stay hotels, fully furnished apartments for rent – even privately owned houses, condos and vacation properties. Begin your short-term rental search by selecting a location above. ×


You can search for Short Term Furnished Apartments on Sublet.com in any city or town in the world. Use our search widget find Furnished apartments for a day, week, month, the summer, or even longer. Browse and post short term furnished apartments for free!


Sure, many internships are extremely competitive and offer low or no pay, but perhaps the hardest thing about internships is that if you have to do a short stint in a new city, housing can be a problem. Finding a short-term rental at a price you can afford is anything but easy.


Whether you arrange temporary living for mobile employees or need temporary housing yourself, National Corporate Housing delivers an exceptional temporary living experience in the best housing options in the area. National offers short-term and long-term housing with flexible lease terms.