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If you have a problem with snakes in your yard, an all-natural snake repellent can provide you with piece of mind and keep the garden safer for humans and animals. I Must Garden’s granular snake repellent works to repel snakes from inside and outside the house.


How to seal basement from snakes - Repairing the damaged areas around your home can be the most important thing you do to prevent pests. It doesn’t matter how many traps you set or how many nuisance animals you kill; if you have cracks or holes in your basement walls, snakes will be able to get inside.


If you live in an area where snakes are common, chances are high that at some point, you may have walked out into your yard to find an unwelcome guest! Many people are afraid of snakes, and it can be hard to think clearly when these pests appear on your doorstep.


Trekking poles allow you to push tall grass and other brush out of your way, potentially scaring off any hidden snakes. As you hike, your pole hitting the ground and banging against rocks will also deter snakes. They can feel the vibrations in the ground, and will usually leave when they sense your approach.


How to Naturally Repel Snakes. Note: I commonly see people suggest mothballs. While these aren’t really natural anyway, please, don’t do this. Not only is it potentially illegal (using a product against label instructions is a crime) it can harm your children, pets, or other wildlife.


Snakes may also appear in basements or garages. They may be looking for a place to overwinter, or may be searching for food -- specifically mice. By eradicating rodents from your home or garage, you will discourage hungry snakes from entering. Mice can be controlled by removing their food sources, nesting sites, or by trapping them.


What attracts snakes, and how to stop inviting them? The best natural snake repellent you can possibly have is not having the perfect yard for them to thrive in. Reptiles are a lot like humans – they go where food and water is located. If you live near a stream or lake, snakes have every reason to make your yard their home.


By making smart decisions and being aware of the habitat your yard provides, you will be able to prevent snakes from becoming a problem. You basically have two options for getting rid of your snake(s). First, you can call a professional wildlife expert from my below directory. ... Read more about Snake Trap. How to keep snakes away from your ...


Snakes enter areas inhabited by people in search of food and shelter. The easiest thing you can do is make your home and yard less appealing to them. Prevent snake problems by removing their food sources like rodents. Don't leave pet food out and store animal feed in tight containers. Snakes like cool damp places to hide.


W hen snakes in your backyard and house become a real problem, finding a natural snake repellent becomes a number one task to be accomplished. However, how can it possibly be done, if you know nothing about the existing types, forms and effects? We’ve decided to help you out. Find out how various effective solutions work.