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Provided you have a valid ID, you can cash your check without a bank account at a number of locations. There are many banks, grocery stores, and check cashing stores that will cash your check for a fee.


You can sign over your check to a trusted friend or family member to cash. You'll endorse the check by signing your name and writing "Pay to the order of" followed by the full name of your friend or family member. They'll endorse the check underneath. The person to whom you sign the check over will need to provide ID that matches the name you ...


No one will cash the check for you if you present the check yourself. If you endorse or sign the check over to anyone, you may risk the chance that the bank cashing the check may require ID (or a copy of the ID from the person not present) from...


Explore the many ways through which you can cash a check at the ATM without an ID or Bank Account. If you are looking for how to cash a personal check at the nearest ATM, then this article is for you. I will also highlight the ATMs that cash checks near you, so that you can pay them a visit.


You can take it to the issuing bank (look on the lower left corner of the check), they will cash it. If the teller gives you lip, remind him or her that you are 12 and do not have ID. Ask whoever wrote the check to pay you in cash or make the check out to "cash" (so anyone can cash it).


Walmart doesn't cash checks without a valid government issued photo ID. It can be a state id, driver's license, passport, or military id. It doesn't have to be from the state you are in as long as it's valid. Some states have different check Cashing limits right now walmart is Cashing checks up to 7500 dollars because of tax season.


How Can You Cash a Check Without an ID? Cash a check without identification by cashing it at a bank where you have an active account. If the bank requires identification, cash the check by endorsing it, depositing it into your account and then withdrawing from the account.


Even though there is no universal identification requirement in place, a form of ID is typically required to cash a check at a bank. An easy way to circumvent this requirement is to endorse and deposit the check into your existing bank account or the bank account of a trustworthy person, and then withdraw the amount from an ATM.


A bank account will enable you to opt for direct deposit by your employer or government agencies like the IRS and Social Security. The money can then be spent on your debit card without the bother of a visit to a bank or check-cashing entity.