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It will depend entirely on the county or state where you are conducting your research. Many courts have converted their paper records to digital, online records. Search your court's website for a database of criminal court records to find out if you can access a digital record.


Access public court arrest records by visiting the court clerk's office and requesting files in person, by viewing records in public online databases, or by hiring a firm that specializes in criminal background checks. Some records may be inaccessible if a judge ordered them sealed, states Nolo.


Whether you're looking for your own records, records for family members, or making a public information request, we can help point you in the right direction. Learn how to request public records » Bulk data requests. Requests for bulk court data are governed by Administrative Rule 9(F) and must be submitted in writing to the Indiana Office of ...


Californians have the right under the state Public Records Act and the California Constitution to access public information maintained by local and state government agencies, including the Department of Justice. The following are guidelines for accessing public, pdf records maintained by the California Department of Justice. To obtain records of another agency, please contact the agency directly.


Do an online search. Many jurisdictions are making their recent public records accessible for free on the Internet. You may be able to find free public records at the website of the clerk of the court, sheriff's office, registrar of deeds, and department of vital records.


Minnesota Public Access (MPA) Remote offers access to case information via the internet for certain court records in the Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS). The information is limited as described in the MN Rules of Public Access to Records of the Judicial Branch. Court documents cannot be viewed in MPA Remote at this time.


These records can be accessed directly from NARA. Fees Electronic and paper court records retained at the court site can be viewed at the courthouse for free, however there is a fee of 10 cents per page to print from a public access terminal. There is a $64 fee to retrieve a document for viewing that is from the Federal Records Center. See the ...


Generally, this relates to the specific record. For example, some states allow the general public access to a person's criminal record, but not the person's background check. Often, states set their own definitions for “criminal records" and “background checks," but understand that—in most cases—criminal records are more thorough. For ...


It is a nationwide directory, and for free you can search its more than 55,000 public record databases containing billions of records. Select how you would like to search for records in the Free Public Records Locator section. You can search by type of record, zip code, country and state, state, city and state or international.


The Arizona Judicial Branch is pleased to offer Public Access to Court Case Information, a valuable online service providing a resource for information about court cases from 153 out of 180 courts in Arizona.