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Although there are several methods to soften a lacrosse mesh, one of the most common approaches is to soak the mesh in fabric softener. This method takes under 30 minutes to complete, followed by several hours of drying time.


The standard way to soften lacrosse mesh is, as stated in the classic methods above, simply to practice it and pound it with an actual lacrosse ball. That should soften the hardest mesh given the right time. However, in some cases, such a method can take a very long time.


New lacrosse sticks feature durable nylon mesh. But the tough threads are born stiff and bouncy, making the ball difficult to catch. You can practice with your new stick until a pocket breaks into the mesh or you can hasten the process. Get a lacrosse ball, pocket pounder, warm water, a bucket and some fabric softener ...


If you have hand lotion, try working it into the mesh. After a while it will soften and become similar to soft mesh. Also, if you have normal hard mesh that is any color but white, it is going be to be much harder because of the colored dyes. I w...


if you want to restring it, get jimalax dura mesh, because it is tons softer than reg hard and tons more rigid than regular soft.. so basically its the perfect mesh just say you can restring with hard after when you have time to break it in, but for now i think you should restring it with semi-hard


I strung my stick yesterday. Messed around with it a bit and the mesh is still hard. How do i soften it


Best Answer: I played college lacrosse for 3 years at University of Tennesee. And 10 years all together. I mainly used Traditional stringing , but I understand the workings of mesh as i've used a few with mesh over the years. When it comes to you in the mail or from the store, the mesh is highly stiff and ...


The best lacrosse mesh is the lacrosse mesh that makes you the most comfortable with your own lacrosse stick and pocket. There are so many different varieties of lacrosse mesh that it can be hard to even tell the difference between what is good or bad for you, but Stringers Society is here to help.