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Fresh broccoli reaches its peak in mid-summer, but if you freeze it, you can enjoy this healthy green vegetable all year long. Freezing broccoli is an easy process, and you'll find that broccoli you freeze yourself has a much better flavor and texture than the store-bought version.


Broccoli is one of those vegetables that will actually last a while when stored properly; if refrigerated when fresh, broccoli can stay for up to 2 weeks. But if you accidentally bought too much, or you're taking advantage of the season with farmer's market broccoli, or perhaps you're growing this vegetable in your own garden, you might need to freeze the surplus.


How to Freeze Broccoli. ... Start with fresh broccoli - as fresh as you can get. Step 2 - Wash the broccoli! I'm sure you can figure out how to rinse the broccoli in plain cold water. Step 3 -Split the broccoli Select firm, young, tender stalks with compact heads. Split lengthwise so flowerets are no more than 1 1/2 inches across.


Can you freeze fresh broccoli? Yes, you can, and the process isn't difficult at all. Freezing broccoli preserves this nutrient-packed and fiber-rich vegetable for winter enjoyment—and it's truly a snap to cook the frozen florets. If this veggie is a family favorite at your house, learn how to freeze broccoli in a way that guarantees success.


Since I can’t however, my main goal this year was to grow a lot and preserve what we didn’t eat fresh. So far, that has meant I must freeze broccoli from my greenhouse for later use. It’s a really easy process, and I’m so excited to start filling my freezer.


How to Freeze Cauliflower or Broccoli. From your carefully tended garden dozens of heads of healthful broccoli and cauliflower spring forth. You can't possibly eat it all but you're loathe to dump it in the compost. What to do? Freeze it....


Freezing is the best way to preserve broccoli. It doesn't dehydrate well, and it loses nutrients and gets mushy if you pressure can it. Giving the broccoli florets and stems a quick blanching in boiling water before freezing them ensures that they will retain a good texture when you get around to cooking with them.


Purchasing prepared, cut vegetables might be a convenient option, but freezing fresh broccoli and cauliflower is an easy way to save money. Broccoli and cauliflower both keep well when stored properly in the freezer. Take a tip or two and start freezing fresh broccoli and cauliflower at home.


The National Center for Home Preservation points out that freezing fully cooked vegetables is possible, but it compromises the texture and flavor of the vegetable once it's reheated. So, although you can freeze fully cooked broccoli, it won't have best color, smell or flavor. For best results, freeze raw, blanched broccoli.


Of course, fresh is always best and tastes a bit better; but for quick, healthy back up meals and to save food waste, freezing some veggies is a good move. 3 Easy Steps to Freeze Fresh Raw Vegetables. 1. Prep your vegetables, e.g. chop up broccoli into florets, trim the ends off of the green beans. 2.