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How to Cover a Black Eye. When damage occurs to small blood vessels around your eye, this can cause bruising which is known as a black eye or a shiner. A black eye can occur for a number of reasons, such as blunt trauma to the face, an...


To cover up a black eye with makeup, apply ice to the area to reduce swelling, blend a yellow-based concealer onto the bruise, and cover it with another concealer that matches your skin tone.


If you've got a black eye which you just can't conceal then look no further. This fool-proof guide can cover even the darkest of shiners. Don't let a bruise ruin you day, hide it and be on your way!


If you don’t have access to Dermablend, you can use other makeup to cover black eye. If you’re using your regular makeup, you may have to use a few different products and go through several steps for adequate coverage. Before you put on makeup, cleanse the skin with a gentle cleanser.


hey guys, today i cover my black eye to the best of my ability in the non-cakiest way possible using only drugstore products. thanks 4 watching!!!!! °˖ (⁰ ⁰) ˖° ↓ ↓ More info below! ...


Hey everyone! ️ Today's video is a a little story time and also a black eye cover up!! Please be safe where ever you are and take this video as an eye opener and make sure you’re with a group ...


Altercations, accidents or any misfortune can result in you getting a black eye. Get some tips to hide your black eye and be ravishing as ever. Accidents, allergic reaction, sinus diseases, or ...


You can cover up black eye or other unsightly bruises with makeup. But before doing so, it’s best to wait until swelling has gone down. Slapping a concealer on a freshly bruised face will only make it more noticeable. Also, if the black eye has an open wound, concealing it is futile.


These few easy steps will serve as a guide for you to cover your black eye with absolutely no difficulty. Mostly, men do not want to wear make-up and want to cover their scars and bruises without it. It’s not really a problem if the bruise is limited to the area around the eye. You just need a few things so that the people don’t notice.


Treating a pesky black eye can be as simple as reducing the swelling, taking vitamin C and trying not to aggravate your affected eye. But if you follow this treatment plan and you're still left with a shiner, there are easy ways to conceal your black eye using makeup. Here's what you need to do.