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One lux is considered as bright as the illumination of a surface from a candle 1 meter away. Lux is the standard unit of measurement for brightness, or light intensity. One lux is also the equivalent to 1 lumen spread over approximately 1 meter.


A foot-candle (sometimes foot candle; abbreviated fc, lm/ft 2, or sometimes ft-c) is a non-SI unit of illuminance or light intensity. One foot-candle represents "the illuminance cast on a surface by a one-candela source one foot away."[citation needed] This unit is commonly used in lighting layouts in parts of the world where United States customary units are used.


If you take into consideration that 10 lux is about the brightness of an illuminated city street, then 5 lux is about half as bright. This is not very scientific but if you only wanted an example then here it is.


Lux is a unit used to measure the intensity of light hitting a surface, typically a wall or floor in a lighting design. One lux is equivalent to one lumen per square meter. They differ from lumens, which measure the brightness of the light source. 1 LUX = 1 Lumen / m 2


One lux (1 lux) is defined as being equivalent to one lumen spread over an area of one square metre. To put it another way: A specification in lux tells you how many Lumens (total light output) you need given the measured area you are trying to illuminate.


One lux is equal to one lumen per square metre: 1 lx = 1 lm/m 2 = 1 cd·sr/m 2. A flux of 1000 lumens, concentrated into an area of 1 square metre, lights up that square metre with an illuminance of 1000 lux. However, the same 1000 lumens, spread out over 10 square metres, produces a dimmer illuminance of only 100 lux.


One lux is equal to one lumen per square meter (lux = lumens/m 2). Essentially, as light travels from the emitter, it will disperse throughout an area. The further the light has to travel the more it will be dispersed.


Lux vs Lumen Lumen and Lux are two photometric units in the SI system of units. They are closely related to each other and, in simple language, measure how bright a light source appears in two different contexts. These measurements are important in light sources and other cases where the intensity of the light […]


One of them, lux, is oftentimes, used in determining how bright the product could be. Actually, lux is something more than that. Keep reading. What is lux in a flashlight? It indicates the how intense light is distributed and is measured at the beam’s center. Additionally, lux indicates how far the throw of the light will be.


Specifically, 1 lux equals the amount of light that falls on a one-square-meter surface that is one meter away from a single candle. 10 lux equals the amount of light produced by 10 candles one meter away. A camera with a 1-lux rating claims to be able to produce an image by the light of one candle that is about three feet away from the subject.