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How Big Is a 38C Cup? According to Playtex, a 38C bra cup has a measurement of 41 inches around the fullest part of the bust and is 3 inches greater than the band size. The band size of 38 inches is measured above the bust and under the underarm.


38C breasts (U.S. measure) are about at the midpoint... There are many men who like women with big breasts. But, there are those, like myself, who love flat-chested, size AA, and size A breasts ...


The reason that the cup size changes with the band size is that the cups are sized in proportion to the band, so a 38C would be one cup size bigger than a 36C as well as being one band size bigger ...


yes it would look big on a skiny girl but your boobs clearly aren't just genetic its also build up of your general fat so if your a 38 *im not trying to be mean here* then ypour probably big boned and can pick up a bit of weight so your boobs are most likely a lot of fat youve gained


36D and 38C are known as sister bras. Theoretically they have the same cup volume. The band size 36 vs 38 is theoretically 2” larger in the 38 bra. The cup has a slightly larger base with less projection. So if you wear a 36D bra you will show mor...


What Is The Volume (in cc) Of A Cup Size? Home / Blog / What Is The Volume (in cc) Of A Cup Size? Posted on February 9, 2015. So we all know there is no standard to cup sizing. So when someone comes in and wants a breast implant to get to a 34C cup, it is hard to pick an implant. ... 42A 40B 38C 36D 34E 32F 30G 28H: 42A 40B 38C 36D 34DD 32E 30F ...


This Site Might Help You. RE: Is a 38 C Bra Size considered big? If someones a size 38 C are they overweight or just big boned or do they have big boobs? is normal for a tall girl? what do you think of the size?


Most people don’t know that the size of a bra cup is in proportion to a woman’s back size measurement so cup sizes get larger as the band size increases in size. For example, a 36D bra cup is nearly the exact same size as the cup of a 38C or a 40B bra.


In 1 minute, Davison models bra sizes 34 A cup, 34 B cup, 34 C cup and 34D cup to 34 DD! In general, each bra cup size goes up by 1 inch from the ribcage. Davison used the same style of bra for ...


38c Breast Size Pictures. How to Have Bigger Breasts Naturally. bigger breast naturally, ... There are several methods that can be applied in order to visibly increase your cup size. Instead of flirting with the idea of surgery think about the solutions fashion and makeup offer you. Moreover, there are several health-friendly and less ...