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Spores and seeds are alike in that plants produce them both to disperse their progeny, allowing new organisms to grow in different locations than their parental organisms. They are different in that spores are very small, single-celled structures, while seeds are relatively large and protected with a seed coat.


ferns make spores. they are similar to seeds, but much different. spores have a sperm and an egg in them and they fertilise each other a seed is more of an embryo Asked in Botany or Plant Biology


Seeds and spores are both reproductive organs in the plant kingdom. While they both serve the same purpose, they are very different in terms of how they accomplish this purpose. One of the main ways that seeds and spores differ is that spores are how bacteria, plants, fungi and algae reproduce.


Spores are unicellular organisms, seeds are multicellular. Seeds come from flowering plants and spores come from ferns and moss you need a microscope to see a spore but you can see seeds with your ...


Seeds in different shapes and sizes are found even within the same plant species. Figure 2: Phaseolus vulgaris seeds. Difference Between Spores and Seeds. Definition. Spores: Spores are reproductive cells, which are capable of developing into a new individual without fusion of another reproductive cell.


Seeds vs Spores. You’ve heard of seeds and spores before, and that they’re somehow connected to the plant kingdom, but not knowing one from the other won’t garner you a high grade in biology or botany. Differentiating between seeds and spores is highly important, especially if you’re going to classify plants.


How are spores different from seeds? How are they similar? Spore-tiny, one-celled reproductive structures that are capable of growing into new organisms under the proper condition Seed- reproductive structures of more than one cell ... How are spores different from seeds? How are they similar?


The key difference between spore and seed is that spore is a unicellular microscopic structure while seed is a multicellular macroscopic structure.. Spore and seed are two reproductive structures. Both spore and seed should germinate in order to produce a new organism. When comparing seed and spore, spores are microscopic while seeds are macroscopic.


Seeds vs Spores. The main difference between seeds and spores is that spores are not planted in the ground whereas seeds are planted in the ground. Spores fall off of the plants and they are a means of reproducing a plant just like the seeds. Although spores and seeds have similar functions, they have crucial differences.


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