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Plants and animals are classified based upon their prevailing characteristics and traits. Biological organisms with similar characteristics are placed in the same group. The order of classification goes from the kingdom of the biological life form down to the genus and species of the organism.


Aristotle was among the first to document the division of life forms into animals and plants. Aristotle classified animals according to observation, for example, he defined high-level groups of animals by whether or not they had red blood (this roughly reflects the division between vertebrates and invertebrates used today).


How Are Plants Classified? by Jay Sharp [How Are Animals Classified?] For centuries, biological scientists have worked to classify organisms in a way that would help clarify relationships among species through time and across different and constantly changing environments.


How Are Animals Classified? By Jay W. Sharp [How Are Plants Classified?] Biological scientists estimate that collectively the earth’s 5 to 40 million species of organisms (depending on the estimate you choose to believe) make up a total of some two trillion tons of living matter, or biomass.


The inventor of modern scientific classification was Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778) a Swedish botanist who classified and described more than 4,400 species of animals and 7,700 species of plants. There are billions of different kinds of living things (or organisms) on earth. To help study them ...


all organisms were classified as either plants or animals. The only domain with multicellular organisms is the domain Eukarya, which contains the 4 kingdoms Protista, Fungi, Plantae, and Animalia.


Classify animals. Once an organism has been assigned to the animal kingdom, the next step is to determine if it has a backbone. If the organism has a spine, it is known as a Vertabrata and then can be further separated by characteristics such as skin cover into fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.


Plants benefit from animals. Animals are used by some plants to disperse seeds. Some animals can eat other plant-eating animals. Bees and other insects help pollinate flowers. Earthworms aerate the soil so that the roots of plants can better obtain oxygen. Relationships between animals and plants are complicated.


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Plants belong to the PLANT KINGDOM, one of the five kingdoms of living things. Plants are classified into smaller groups, according to shared characteristics. All plants share certain features. They are made up of many cells. They also produce their own food by a chemical process called ...