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In order to determine a motorcycle's fork oil capacity, the front spring coils need to be removed and fork decompressed. The oil capacity is determined by how much air is inside the shock tubes. If there is more air than oil, the suspension will be softer.


Let me add , for bikes with "anti-dive" forks , make sure all the oil is out of the valving on the side with ant dive . (speaking from experience) . The manufacturer will list different volumes for right and left fork . But if you have the oil level for compressed fork with no spring , it is much easier . And a quarter inch makes a big difference .


① Wet means on an oil change. ② Dry means, the fork was completely disassembled, cleaned and dried. ③ Fork oil level is determined from upper edge of fork tube (Refer to manual for exact procedure) ④ These models have drain screws. Despite this fact the manual speaks of complete removal and upside down draining of the fork tubes.


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THE SECRET WORLD OF FORK OIL Go grab a basketball. Bounce it on the ground. See how quick it bounces back? That's rebound. Next, fill half of the basketball with water. Bounce it on the ground. See how sluggishly it returns? That's compression. The ball is a sphere to contain and restrict its contents.


The Cyclepedia Motorcycle Service Specifications Database is a ready reference service specification guide that includes hundreds of thousands of ATV, Scooter, UTV and Motorcycle Specifications. ... Capacities – Fork Oil Classification. Capacities – Fork Oil Grade. Capacities – Fork Oil Level. Capacities – Fork Oil Volume.

www.progressivesuspension.com/pdfs/R00799-025 Instr FOL-2.pdf

Instructions for FOL-2 Fork Oil Level Adjustment Kit The Fork Oil Level Adjustment Kit can be used to accurately set oil level when changing fork oil or as an aid in “fine tuning” the forks. By changing the oil level the ride can be altered to suit the different riding styles, load capacity or road conditions.


The capacity varies by model but for most Softails and Dynas this amount is about 9 to 10 oz. If using Harley brand fork oil then type “B” or “E” is recommended depending on the model. The alternative product for those who require superior performance is Shock Therapy #10 Fork Oil which


The video also explains the process of putting the spring on as well as the cap for your bikes oil tube. Shop and find all the KTM & Husaberg fork oil and accessories that your bike may need at ...


What Type of Oil Is Used in a Honda Rebel 250? A Honda Rebel or CMX 250 motorcycle can use a petroleum-based or synthetic motor oil that is additive-free, such as lighter-weight 10W40. Grades of motor oil are based on the oil's viscosity and whether it has been tested for cold-weather use.