To save space, credentials are typically listed as abbreviations on a business card. Generally, the abbreviations are appended to the end of a person's name, separated by commas, in the order of importance. More »

ISO 9000 certified companies are those that hold credentials from the International Organization for Standardization. The ISO 9000 certification shows that the firm in question is in compliance with a wide array of manag... More »

To research a physician's credentials, look up the individual by name and location on a state licensing board and verify if the physician's board certification is authentic. Next, determine whether the physician's educat... More »

To use the OSI UltiPro Payroll system online, first go to the UltiPro login page, and use your credentials to log in. Once there, you can view benefits and make changes during open enrollment, update contact information ... More »

Safety question topics regarding the Occupational Safety and Health Administration include areas such as what to look for when selecting occupational health care professionals and are there ways to examine the credential... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

When buying used retail display cases, a buyer should consider the type of merchandise that will be placed in the display cases, the amount of space available for the display case in a particular retail establishment and... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Prepare an event planning contract by including specific clauses for the services you plan to offer, the dates for the event and your requirements for the clients, such as providing access to a space or materials. Also i... More » Business & Finance Business Resources