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Orphaned baby bunnies in human care have a 90% chance of death. Don’t get too attached and care for them very gently. Warnings . Do not overheat the formula when you feed it to the rabbits. They will not drink hot or soured milk. Do not feed rabbits spinach, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, or similar foods. These foods can give the rabbits ...


Before taking care of baby bunnies it is important that you learn how to take care of bunnies. If you really need to take care of some wild baby bunnies while you get them to a vet or wildlife rehabilitator then this article may help you. Preparing a place for a rabbit as shelter: It is often questioned when baby bunnies leave the nest.


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Newborn rabbits, also called bunnies, are very vulnerable. Normally, their mothers are very responsable and take great care of them. Nevertheless, we need to be informed as pet companions so we can provide them with whatever they may need to grow happily and healthily.


Check for Cold Bunnies. The baby bunnies should arrive by day 32. Between day 28 and their arrival you should check her frequently. Sometimes the babies become scattered, or she may have a stray one or two out of the box. If they get too cold they may die. You can warm up baby rabbits, even if you think they are already dead. If they’re not ...


Mix together your three ingredients according to the following measurements. For newborn bunnies, mix together 5 cc of the kitten milk, ½ cc of acidophilus, and 1 tablespoon of cream for each bunny. For bunnies that are 1 week old, mix together 10-15 cc of kitten milk, ½ cc of acidophilus, and 1 tablespoon of cream.


The rabbit is uninjured. I know what you're thinking. This cute, helpless baby rabbit is spooked, confused, and "homeless". I know, I'll raise it myself! Whatever you do, DO NOT TAKE THEM INSIDE! Any care you think you're giving could, and probably will, kill the rabbit. In fact, it is illegal to take in a young wild rabbit in most states.


If this is a domestic rabbit baby, then you may introduce plain alfalfa pellets at 2 weeks of age (please refer to the handout Care of Rabbits for more information on diet). Wild rabbits should be released as soon as they are eating hay and greens and are approximately 5 inches in body length (for cottontails) and are afraid of you (about 3-4 ...


Another alternative is to use a milk formula – there are plenty of rabbit formula recipes available online. You should feed the runt bunny 3 or 4 times each day with a small syringe, bottle or eyedropper. If using formula however, please remember that the mortality of hand-fed baby rabbits is higher, even if they are in perfect health.


Rabbits chew on objects to maintain all their teeth, which grow continuously. Ensure your rabbit has plenty of chew sticks or mineral chews available. Rabbits can chew on apples, willow, aspen branches, pine firewood, untreated fresh pine lumber attached to habitat or a basket with hay inside (let the rabbit chew the basket as well as the hay).