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Baby bunnies require a nest area that can be made using clean towels and a box. A folded towel on bottom with one bunched on top, gives the bunny a place to snuggle. Partially cover the box with a soft towel, leaving space so the bunny can breathe.


For good health, a bunny requires an appropriate cage, a healthy diet, the right amount of exercise and routine annual checkups with a veterinarian. Bunnies are delicate creatures and need to be handled gently.


Domesticated rabbits have a life span of about 9 years depending on size, breed and several other factors; wild rabbits, on the other hand, have very high mortality rates. Both European rabbits and Eastern cottontail rabbits, two common species, rarely live more than a year due to predators.


Rabbits can be trained to use a litter box in the same way as cats. Adult rabbits are more receptive to training than younger ones. You need a litter box, timothy hay, newspaper and a large cage to train a rabbit effectively.


Important things to remember when caring for a newborn kitten pertain to body temperature, eating and eliminating waste, according to the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. Ensuring the well-being of a newborn kitten is a round-the-clock job.


A newborn's belly button, which contains the umbilical cord stump, should be kept dry until the stump falls off at approximately 1 to 2 weeks of age. During this time, parents should give newborns sponge baths to keep the umbilical cord stump dry and allow the belly button area to be exposed to air


After assessing your ability to care for a bunny and determining the best bunny for your lifestyle, locate a suitable bunny from a local shelter, rabbit rescue group or individual. Shelters and rabbit rescue groups are good options for obtaining a bunny due to the large numbers of bunnies put up for


Newborn opossums need sustenance, transportation and protection, usually provided by their mother. If separated from its mother, a newborn opossum needs special care as directed by a wildlife rehabilitator to keep it warm and hydrated.


Killer Bunnies are the central characters in the Killer Bunnies card games. There are several different variations of the game, including Heroes vs. Villains, Quest, Conquest, Jupiter, Odyssey and Kinder. Kinder is a children's version of the game.


Also known as kits, cubs or pups, infant foxes are cared for by both of their parents, though the specific division of parental labor in caring for a new litter of pups may vary in different fox species. For example, after giving birth to a new litter, a female arctic fox will nurse and guard her yo