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Jan 22, 2021 ... Scrap boards are the best option to get repair parts for Apple stuff. New machines can have strange bahaviors, if no battery detected. Some of ...


I have an Acer Laptop (V3-472) that has a broken ribbon cable connector for the power button. ... If it is just the cable, replace it.


I then went to put it back together with the case - once it was all done, no power. Took it apart again - one of the ribbon cable connectors ...


Jan 20, 2016 ... Remove the cable and connector and replace the connector with one that is easier to obtain and to make up a cable for.


To trim ribbon cable to size, use a scissors; the blades of a wire cutters are often too short. Step 1. If there is a connector attached to the cable, you may ...


Cable Termination:IDC; Cable Type:Flat Cable; Color:Clear, Ribbon; Conductor Material:Copper, Bare; Connector Type:Socket to Socket; Current Rating (Amps): ...


Hello guys, so I was trying to repair my laptop and I broke the keyboard connector and as a result the actual keyboard ribbon cable needs ...


I'm trying to replace a power ribbon cable for a laptop (I confirmed that it turns on by shorting the power pins, and the cable is obviously frayed).


Apr 7, 2020 ... Raspberry Pi ribbon cable connector fix ... Quick and dirty fix for a broken flat cable release on the raspberry pi. It does the job, ...


I removed the old one and most of the connectors are simple. However, the ribbon cable from the keypad is delicate and has no connector.