It is advantageous to use an electric ice crusher because the machine is easy to use, can crush 300 grams of ice per minute, and it is lightweight and portable. Additionally, the holder of the crusher is capacious, and i... More »

Stores that sell Waring Pro Ice Crushers include The Home Depot, JCPenney and Staples. The appliance can also be purchased online through the Waring Pro website for $79.95, as of March 2015. The website also provides cus... More »

Fix an ice machine by first diagnosing what the cause of the malfunction is. If the ice machine won't stop making ice, the shutoff arm or switch may be broken and need replacing. If the machine isn't making ice at all, a... More »

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Manual defrost Samsung refrigerators need defrosting when the freezer coils and cover become covered with ice and the appliance is unable to maintain cool temperatures in either the freezer or refrigerator compartments. ... More »

Some common problems with Maytag ice makers are the ice maker not working, the ice dispenser not working and the ice maker overflowing. These problems could be caused by malfunctions in the compressor or evaporator coil,... More »

As of March 2015, Igloo sells a portable countertop ice maker that makes 26 pounds of ice. It is available through Walmart, Home Depot and, among other retail stores. More »

To troubleshoot a Maytag refrigerator ice maker, first identify the specific problem. Common problems with a Maytag ice maker include failure to make ice, failure to turn off and producing too small or too large ice cube... More »