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Plant leaves may turn yellow for a number of reasons, such as nutrient deficiencies, pests, insufficient water or a lack of sunlight. A plant's leaves may also turn yellow as part of the normal growth process.


Plant leaves turn yellow for a variety of reasons, including a lack of chlorophyll caused by too much or too little water, insufficient sunlight, temperature changes and disease. Plants contain various pigments such as chlorophyll, which produces a green color, and carotene, which produces a yellow


Leaves turn yellow because of lack of water and insects. Chlorosis, root issues, lack of nutrients and lack of sunlight are also culprits that cause yellow leaves.


Yellowing leaves can be the result of insufficient sunlight, underwatering the plant, a lack of nitrogen or magnesium in the soil, or a disease. Tomato leaves may turn yellow for a variety of reasons, and a few yellow leaves are nothing to be overly concerned about.


Early blight, Verticillium wilt and gray leaf spot are three conditions that can cause tomato leaves to turn yellow. These three fungi work their way into the root system and damage the stalk, leaves and fruit of the tomato plant.


Leaves start to turn yellow when a plant either receives too much or too little water. Pest infestation, nutrient deficiency or high PH in the soil can also cause leaves to yellow. In some cases, leaves turn yellow owing to chlorosis, a condition where leaves are devoid of chlorophyll.


Yellowing of leaves on a tomato plant can be caused by a number of varying factors. Yellow leaves could be the result of under or over watering, lack of sun, nutrient deficiencies in the soil, or it could be caused by a number of different bacterial or fungal infections.


Pests, poor soil quality, nutrient deficiencies and age can cause the leaves of a pumpkin to turn yellow. Mature vines may have yellow leaves soon after pumpkins ripen.


Yellowing of leaves can be caused by normal aging, lack of sunlight, overwatering, nutrient deficiency, color drafts and viral infection, according to About.com. When plants age, it is normal for their leaves to turn yellow and eventually drop off.


Yellow coloring on vegetable leaves can indicate a wide range of problems, including too much water or too little water. Leaves can also turn yellow when the plant is not getting enough nitrogen. Other common causes of yellowing plant leaves include extreme temperatures, leaf damage, root damage, di