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Even though insects are a top reason why lizards are flocking to your house, uncovered fruits or even plants could be possible food sources that attract them. You don’t want to eat any fruit that lizards may have been in contact with, since lizards may be carrying germs and bacteria that humans shouldn’t be exposed to.


The house lizards are usually attracted to milk and milk products and hence you must ensure that these food items are properly covered and stored safely. In fact not only the milk items but all other food items should be properly covered and safely stored, especially if you have kids in the house.


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House Gecko Hemidactylus frenatus. We have plenty of healthy House geckos for sale. These insectivores can be feeders for snakes or other lizards, or reptile pets in their own right. When you buy a lizard from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.


The House Gecko is actually found in South Asia and South East Asia where it lives in the houses of common folks. ... Other native geckos often end up with fighting these invaders for food and their territories. The house lizard often carries disease-carrying termites to other species.


It was shown that habitat simplification and clumped food resources around artificial light sources as a result of urbanization have enabled the common house gecko to gain an indirect competitive advantage over other nocturnal gecko species. The ability of the house gecko to persist outside of its natural range poses a threat to the survival of ...


If you have a problem with lizards in your house, make sure and don’t leave out any food overnight. Food should either be covered or placed in the refrigerator. Also, make sure that your trash can is tightly closed so that lizards can’t get in there. You may need to make sure that you don’t have any flying pests or other insects in your home.


The common house gecko, scientifically named Hemidactylus frenatus, may look like some sort of pet in your house. Nevertheless, this species of reptile is actually an invasive one that originated from Southeast Asia .


Lizards are a widespread group of squamate reptiles, with over 6,000 species, ranging across all continents except Antarctica, as well as most oceanic island chains. The group is paraphyletic as it excludes the snakes and Amphisbaenia; some lizards are more closely related to these two excluded groups than they are to other lizards.Lizards range in size from chameleons and geckos a few ...


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