Owners can replace the heating element on an electric water heater to repair one of the most common problems that occur with these units, a lack of hot water. If the tank is leaking, it is beyond repair and requires repl... More »

The cost for repairing a standard hot water heater varies based on the nature of the repair work, not the size of the unit, so large water heaters typically don't cost more to maintain and repair. Large commercial units,... More »

To repair an Electrolux water heater, identify the specific problem, and then clean or replace the failing component. Common problems with Electrolux water heaters include incorrectly set thermostats, faulty thermocouple... More »

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Common hot water heater repairs for an RV include cleaning the propane lines, changing the position of the bypass valve and replacing the heating element. It is necessary to isolate the problem to ensure the hot water he... More »

A tankless boiler uses a powerful heating element and heat exchanger to heat water on demand instead of maintaining a tank of hot water. These systems are more energy efficient, since no energy has to be wasted keeping a... More »

According to American Water Heaters, the most common problems that cause a water heater to stop producing hot water are a flipped reset switch, a malfunctioning element or thermostat or a loss of power to the hot water h... More »

A water heater stores, heats and supplies hot water to multiple fixtures, such as a laundry machine, shower and sink, while a boiler is responsible for the heating of the entire house. Simply put, a water heater supplies... More »