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Your best source for hospital information and custom data services. The American Hospital Directory ® provides data, statistics, and analytics about more than 7,000 hospitals nationwide. AHD.com ® hospital information includes both public and private sources such as Medicare claims data, hospital cost reports, and commercial licensors.


A list of all hospitals that have been registered with Medicare. The list includes addresses, phone numbers, hospital type, and overall hospital rating.


A hospital information system (HIS) is an element of health informatics that focuses mainly on the administrational needs of hospitals.In many implementations, an HIS is a comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage all the aspects of a hospital's operation, such as medical, administrative, financial, and legal issues and the corresponding processing of services.


A hospital is a health care institution providing patient treatment with specialized medical and nursing staff and medical equipment. The best-known type of hospital is the general hospital, which typically has an emergency department to treat urgent health problems ranging from fire and accident victims to a sudden illness.


Hospital Compare provides detailed information and Quality Ratings such as Timely & Effective Care, Complications & Deaths, Use of Medical Imaging, Survey of Patients’ Hospital Experiences, and Number of Medicare Patients.


General hospital information → View our hospitals' CHNA reports . Call today to schedule an appointment or find a doctor at one of our nearly 400 sites of care. 1-800-3-ADVOCATE


Memorial Hospital is the first hospital in the United States to receive the Joint Commission’s Disease Specific Certification for Sepsis, meaning we are taking the lead in preventing and treating a medical condition that kills more people each year than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined.


Additional information about diagnosis and treatment can only be provided to those who the patient has designated to receive it. If you have been designated to receive health information about a patient, please ask the hospital operator to connect you to the staff taking care of the patient.


Hospital General Information - A list of all hospitals that have been registered with Medicare. The list includes addresses, phone numbers, hospital type, and overall hospital rating.


Keywords can pertain to a hospital's name, city, and/or state. Common abbreviations can also be used. Click on a listed hospital to see its information. Subscribers may also enter a hospital's CMS Certification Number (CCN) or National Provider Identifier (NPI).