If a person is interested in adopting a horse for free, then it is best to look at horse classified ads on horse sites, such as Equine, and to ask around at local horse farms to see if anyone is interested in giving thei... More »

Find horses for adoption in Ohio by checking Adopt-a-Pet or PetFinder shelters and groups online. These listing sites have filtering tools to help you find a horse that matches your search criteria. View the photos of li... More »

Some ways to find a horse available for adoption near you include visiting local stables, contacting your local Humane Society location and searching the Internet for horse adoption in your state. There are horses availa... More »

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A nationwide listing of horses for adoption for free is available on the also posts a listing of horses available for adoption at no cost. The latter listing includes horses for sale or lease, wh... More »

Rescue organizations for Friesian horses typically ask potential adopters for an adoption fee or monetary donation to help cover the costs incurred while the horse was in their care, instead of giving them away for free.... More »

Experienced horsemen advise people new to horses to choose a horse suited to their needs when selecting a horse to train, learn about horse behavior, and gain the horse's trust. They also advise new horse trainers to wor... More »

Obtain free horse clipart on sites such as, and, as of 2015. Many of these sites also feature horse clipart for sale or for use with a subscription, so be sure to ... More »