Honey bees harvest nectar from flowers to make honey for food. The honey they make feeds the entire colony of bees and gets them through the winter months. Here are the steps honey bees take to create nectar: More »

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A honey bee package is a complete set of bees sold to beekeepers so that they can start a new hive. They are usually sold by weight. Packages include a queen and workers, but no drones. More »

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To raise honey bees successfully, build a safe and functional hive for the bees to live in, acquire enough bees for the colony to thrive, and perform regular maintenance to keep the hive healthy. Harvesting of honey is u... More »

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Worker honey bees eat nectar and pollen from flowers, while larvae eat honey, and queens eat royal jelly. Honey is created from nectar when a worker bee holds the nectar on its tongue until the moisture evaporates. More »

Bees make honey as a source of food for the colony over the winter, when their normal food supply is gone. Honey is also used to feed the larva. More »

Honey bees communicate through dances which convey the direction, distance and quality of food sources. Bees also communicate through odors and through the exchange of food. More »

Honey bees live in nests throughout the world and can survive in almost every climate except for those that have frigid temperatures year round. The biogeographic regions where many bee species are found including honey ... More »