Honey beekeepers build containers that encourage bees to make their hives in an orderly fashion. Beekeepers then collect honey from the hives, making sure to leave enough for the bees over the winter. Beekeepers follow a... More »

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A honey bee package is a complete set of bees sold to beekeepers so that they can start a new hive. They are usually sold by weight. Packages include a queen and workers, but no drones. More »

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The most ideal habitat for a honeybee is one that is close to a rich source of nectar. Honey bees develop pollen from the nectar of flowers and search for areas close in these building blocks when establishing nests. More »

As of 2015, prices for Dadant beginner's bee packages range from around $170 for the Honey of a Hobby Beginner Kit to around $335 for the Master Pollinator Kit. The company offers several other kits and packages, and pri... More »

Many of Brushy Mountain Bee Farm's online bee products fall into two major categories: tools and equipment for beekeeping and products made from beeswax and honey. Accessory gift items include bee-related apparel, decora... More »

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Fertilizers can expedite plant growth and provide economic benefits to farmers and nurseries, but they can also introduce toxic substances into the environment. Fertilizers make plants and crops grow more quickly and app... More »

Subsidy cash payments made to farmers reduce the price of food and have the potential to increase its availability, since they give farmers a bigger incentive to grow subsidized crops. Agricultural payments to farmers al... More »

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